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Future Changes In The Automotive Market

News posted on: 2018/11/29 6:09:30 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Future Changes In The Automotive Market

Future Changes in the Automotive Market

Future Changes in the Automotive Market

The safety problem is also one. Now the vehicle belongs to our own individual. Although there are traffic regulations to restrict some rules, the annual accident of the vehicle accident is still shocking. The material used in the car has not been safer. Objective, unmanned technology is also inevitable in the future. Roads and vehicles will realize a huge network transportation system. Driving, parking and emergency braking will be more precise, so as to reduce vehicle accidents and increase safety protection; by 2050, with With further breakthroughs and developments in technology and new materials, the “materials” of automobiles will ensure the strength of the car body while the weight of the car body is lighter. Therefore, it is bold to predict that the car in the future may still be able to achieve the function of “amphibious amphibious”. In 2013, WaterCar of the United States designed a car called the Jaguar, which can be driven directly from the land to the water and turned into a ship within 15 seconds.

Vehicle networking is also necessary to improve and improve. Vehicle networking refers to the dynamic mobile communication system that communicates between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, vehicles and sensing equipment, and realizes communication between vehicles and public networks. Information sharing can be realized through car and car, car and people, car and road interconnection, collecting information on vehicles, roads and environment, and processing, calculating, sharing and safely distributing information collected by multiple sources on the information network platform. Effectively guide and supervise vehicles according to different functional requirements, as well as provide professional multimedia and mobile Internet application services. The vehicle network realizes the extraction and effective utilization of the attribute information and static and dynamic information of all vehicles on the information network platform through the identification technology of radio frequency and other electronic tags loaded on the vehicle, and according to different functional requirements for all vehicles. The current car is basically not related to the Internet. The car in the future must be smarter and more human. For some people who have been outside for a long time, the car is the second home. How can it be as safe as at home? Comfort, "emergency rescue" is also a great need to improve, many vehicle accidents because the rescue is not timely and failed to get the first time to rescue the tragedy, but also need scientific and technological progress to change. Let me look forward to a smarter and safer future.


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