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RFID Tags Help Traditional Manufacturing to Achieve Intelligent "Intelligence"

News posted on: 2019/5/14 1:58:54 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Tags Help Traditional Manufacturing to Achieve Intelligent "Intelligence"

RFID Tags Help Traditional Manufacturing to Achieve Intelligent "Intelligence"

By adopting RFID technology to improve the production process, it is possible to track products in the manufacturing process. This practice has also been well promoted in the manufacturing industry and has achieved very good results.

At present, many traditional manufacturing companies use bar code technology to track parts. However, barcodes can only store identification information, and they are too cumbersome and unreliable when tracking solutions. However, the RFID tag can contain all the history of the part and all the information of the product it is about to install. In addition, the bar code must be read manually and can only be read one at a time. Even after the parts are installed, RFID tags require only an RFID reader for easy operation. As a result, all the information in an RFID tag can be easily read anytime and anywhere in seconds.

Unified manufacturing is a typical multi-product, multi-process, multi-material mass production process. With the development of personalized products (purchasers can customize cars, treadmills etc.) almost every product will have a certain personality. Therefore, it is necessary to use RFID technology to achieve transparency throughout the production process. Prior to the advent of RFID tag technology, products could only be inspected prior to final verification and visually inspected by staff and checked using a paper list.

RFID tags increase the transparency of the product and are more conducive to the company's overall production. For example, a seminar project manager needs more information from different aspects of the technician. On the other hand, RFID tags can reduce the blind spots of production scheduling and help workshop managers understand the obstacles in the production process and propose reasonable solutions at the right time.

Compared with other technologies, RFID technology has great advantages in product production. With the continuous development and popularization of this technology, performance will surely be greatly improved, and security risks will gradually ease. RFID technology will surely become the mainstream of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management. However, just as the emergence of many new technologies in the manufacturing industry is often the case, the question of whether to adopt RFID tags ultimately boils down to a key factor: cost.

According to RFID Magazine, the amount of label use will result in different results. For a large manufacturing company, even if each part is worth 7 cents, it does not add up to a small amount, especially in the development of the company. It is even more difficult to decide when it is not on time.

The price of RFID tags is likely to only need to reach a critical point, for example, if each tag is 5 cents. With the application of RFID tag technology, manufacturing companies have increased the efficiency beyond the cost of additional expenditure, so RFID seems to be no problem.


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