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CAAC will establish a national unified query RFID platform for passengers ’lost items

News posted on: 2020/4/28 9:24:14 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

CAAC will establish a national unified query RFID platform for passengers ’lost items

CAAC will establish a national unified query RFID platform for passengers ’lost items

According to the Civil Aviation Administration, from May 1st, the Civil Aviation Administration will carry out an 8-month "civil aviation service quality brand building" special action, and proposes to strive for the annual flight regularity rate to stabilize at more than 80%, and launch a series of New measures to improve the passenger experience by serving "big process" and "small details", further improve the civil aviation service quality management system with true service as the core, and build a civil aviation service brand.

The action mainly focuses on improving the normal flight management level, consolidating the effectiveness of early service measures, and launching new measures to enhance the passenger experience. It strives to achieve a stable annual flight rate of domestic passenger airlines of more than 80% throughout the year, and airports above 10 million in the country The average release normal rate and the departure flight normal rate should strive to reach 85%; key service measures such as passenger transit facilitation, baggage tracking, comprehensive traffic transfer, etc. should be implemented and promoted; a group of civil aviation services recognized by society and industry should be formed Brand, passenger air travel experience has been further improved.

In order to consolidate the effectiveness of the early service measures, the Civil Aviation Administration requires all units to further standardize passenger service management and improve the overall process service quality management and control capabilities. Baggage tracking system; further promote the paperless customs clearance of international flights, optimize the business model of international flight flights, and further promote the baggage service of cross-airline divisions. At the same time, the Civil Aviation Administration also proposed measures to optimize the 12326 consultation and complaint platform and explore basic aviation services.

In addition, the Civil Aviation Administration also launched new measures to enhance the passenger experience based on the concerns of the public, mainly including the establishment of a "national airport passenger shared service platform" and a "national unified query platform for passenger lost items"; The intermodal transportation business with multiple modes of transportation innovates in ticket purchases and security inspections to enhance passengers' comprehensive transportation transfer experience; accelerate the promotion of the application of new technology equipment such as millimeter-wave human body imaging and hand luggage CT to improve security inspection efficiency and improve passenger security inspection experience .


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