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Eight Feelings From the 2017 IOT exhibition in China Shenzhen International IOT Expo

News posted on: 2017/9/6 7:35:02 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Eight Feelings From the 2017 IOT exhibition in China Shenzhen International IOT Expo

August  16-18, 2017 Ninth Shenzhen International Internet of Things Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Expo") held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.The well-known brand enterprises and the major martial suppliers attended in this wonderful Exhibition, from the global Internet of things, how to describe better maybe "Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers." I believe that different viewers stand in different angles feel will be different for this year, as an ordinary exhibitors their own feelings

IOT exhibition RFID conference

1 "lively" is estimated that this year's show headlines

According to the official data of the Federation of media statistics, this year has a total of three exhibition hall and 532 exhibitors, has more than 100,000 professional visitors visited, including more than 2,000 overseas buyers. Not so much the show it is, but better to say it is a big gathering of the industry.  those friends from over all the country industries, some peoples arrived in the front of two or three days, during the day shuttle at different booths at night similar to the various "blending Cocktail party " which the party were programmed by XMINNOV(RFID tag World). Everyone occasionally talk to each other, it seems that the RFID mood is becoming good, and all peoples are looking forward to the arrival of the industry spring. is it the right time of RFID spring?

RFID market Spring season

2. IOT Forums became more and more professional,more goods articles increased, effectively enhance the quality of the audience

Those professional forums attracted a total of more than 6,000 industry participants to participate in the matter of the media the most cool things, firmly grasp the industry's hot spots, pain points, burst points, such as intelligent retail, Low-power network, indoor positioning, industrial networking, Internet of things security forum, are catching enough eyes. More impressive is that Mr. Chen in the "International Retail of Intelligent Innovation Application Conference," mentioned: "The future is the era of artificial intelligence, the market belongs to the use of artificial intelligence business", I quite agree with this view, technology always services with the application, the future belongs to a more profound understanding of their needs, but also at the right time to use the technology to solve the needs of enterprises. As for the enterprises to do value or to make money.

Intelligent RFID Retail

3. Domestic RFID read/write hardware in the functional is most similar, but value-added has been significantly improved between each

In recent years, domestic handheld readers, fixed readers and channel machines in the performance have made great progress, some business of major domestic reader is with quality improvement, for example, Rodin Bell, Silion, RAY-LINKS, RoyalRay and so on. Handheld reader with regular function of R2000 module, 5.0 inch screen, large memory, 3G / 4G, Bluetooth, WIFI, camera, GPRS, etc. are significantly homogeneous, but the shape design are more different and fashion. In generally, it close to the mobile phone's industrial design concept, a lot of exhibits can PK very well the Korean products.

RFID handheld reader

4. passive RFID tags do not appear any innovative categories, the traditional barcode printing and smart card companies speed up the tag cross-border snatch

Divided from product application, the passive RFID tags can be divided into six categories: retail management, personnel management, asset management, anti-counterfeiting source traceablity, RFID sensor and intelligent transportation. Among them, retail management labels such as tag, weaving label, ordinary label, etc., personnel management such as silicone bracelet, smart card, wristband tag label,etc.,asset management such as PCB label, ceramic tag, silicone tag, PPS, ABS label, etc. The largest number of three types of labels exhibitors and the competition is FIERCE. At the same time, the traditional printing and packaging and card industry competition is more cruel, RFID tags cross-border snatch, such as Brilliant Circle Group, JinJia packaging competitors, no doubt exacerbated the industry competitive situation. From the RFID label business's view, according to the scale of production capacity and industrial chain supporting, capacity of two dimensions into four parts nameed trade type, professional type, foundry type and comprehensive type, and label customization which has become the hot show in 2017 this year.

RFID Supply Chain

5. Label and hardware gradually changing their direction to the RFID system integration more and more obvious to build their own product ecology

As product differentiation becomes more and more difficult, in order to maintain the competitiveness of their products, labels and hardware vendors have been forced to RFID system integration, improve their downstream industry chain extension. Such as Xindeco's  "core retail",Laxcen's "wisdom books, Invengo's"unmanned retail" and so on. From the system application view point, most still concentrated in the "logistics warehousing, asset management, clothing retail, wisdom books, unmanned retail" five areas, competition is still very intense.

But even more worrying is that the traditional advantages of RFID system integration or RFID application software enterprise "downgrade", and we are to be cherished.

RFID system RFID integration

6. Comparison of Hot indoor RTLS and low-power WAN technology, active RFID market is a bit embarrassing

Low-power WAN is undoubtedly the hot topic in the past two years, whether LORA or NBIOT in response to the city-level IOT applications, there are obvious advantages, squeezing the traditional active RFID market. In particular, NBIOT is the three major carriers to hold back for so long, put out the big move, will greatly promote the application of smart city, such as the wisdom of municipal, transportation, logistics and so on.

NB IOT Lora RTLS system

7. Huge overseas businessmen had visisted for their new sourcing system, believe foreign market competition will increase more

Because of the price at overseas markets, it has been a battleground. In recent years, foreigners considered more margin and more quality control, according to the same product resulting in a differnt price but maybe good or low quality, they interested more in how the quality of the product is controlled? So, visiting China exhibition is a right choice, they were surprised to find the same quality and RFID tag price is much lower than their budget. 

Low Price RFID Tag RFID opportunities

8. Semi-Conductor/Chip companies show a very comprehensive bright spots

International chip companies except Impinj, Alien, NXP, ST  are particularly eye-catching in this year, demonstrate many interesting applications and products. NXP once again proved their strong R & D strength, launched Ucode 8, 213TT, Ucode DNA and other new products. Domestic chip/semiconductor companies are not far behind, such as Fudan Microelectronics, Yangzhou rice, Shanghai KunRay, they also show special new products, such as Fudan Microelectronics 15693 with Tamper Detction, ultra-high frequency+LED light  dual-band (HF + UHF), ultra-high frequency large capacity,all are quite characteristic. 

According to different application scenarios, polarization is becoming more and more obvious, one is simplistic, and the other is functional. No matter which direction, as long as the product to the extreme, there is a new world.

NFC new chip RFID New Chip


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