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Electronic License Plate Helps Smart Traffic

News posted on: 2019/1/21 7:08:34 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Electronic License Plate Helps Smart Traffic

Electronic License Plate Helps Smart Traffic

Electronic license plate empowerment traffic management

Electronic license plates are an application of subdividing, extending and improving RFID technology. Generally speaking, the electronic license plate is like the "second-generation ID card" of the vehicle. It stores the vehicle information such as the license plate number, the nature of use, and the type of vehicle. It can break through the bottleneck of the original traffic information collection technology and realize the classification and accuracy of the vehicle traffic information. collection. Compared with traditional license plates, electronic license plates have the advantages of high accuracy, safety, efficiency, and cost performance.

In addition, since electronic license plates can write a large amount of information such as motor vehicle displacement data and exhaust emissions, deeper expansion and application can be carried out, such as environmental monitoring, combating illegal operation of vehicles, and limited management of engineering vehicles and special vehicles. Types of deep applications etc. Therefore, electronic license plates are increasingly being applied to the field of urban traffic management.

In addition to urban traffic management, electronic license plates can also cover rural areas, mountainous areas and other traffic management blind areas. In the remote sections where video surveillance is difficult to set up, the traffic control department only needs to install RFID identification equipment to monitor the road conditions and vehicle running status in real time. When a traffic accident occurs, the accident vehicle can be located in time.

Electronic license plate or can achieve 100 billion market

From July 1, 2018, China has officially implemented six national recommended standards for motor vehicle electronic identification. Since the date of implementation, all new motor vehicles have to leave the microwave window of the electronic license plate in the front windshield position. Although it is still in the national pilot stage, the popularity of electronic license plates is just around the corner.

The popularity of electronic license plates may become an emerging blue ocean market. At present, China's car ownership is continuing to increase. It is expected to reach 270 million vehicles in 2020. The electronic license plates will be spread nationwide and will radiate more than 300 prefecture-level cities nationwide. According to China Industrial Information Network report data, with the popularization of electronic license plate construction, it will bring about 150 billion market.


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