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Bingo Box Drives the Unmanned Supermarket into the Army

News posted on: 2019/1/17 6:50:20 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Bingo Box Drives the Unmanned Supermarket into the Army

Bingo Box Drives the Unmanned Supermarket into the Army

Due to the special nature of the military, in order to protect the privacy, the Bingo Box unmanned convenience store here has undergone a special transformation. Military personnel can enter the door without registering personal information to prevent private information from leaking out. In addition, unlike the bingo box that falls in the community and other scenes, the Bingo box settlement system in the army currently uses RFID technology, which increases the cost of RFID tags compared to the self-checkout solution for image recognition. The technology is relatively mature, and you can choose the product to scan the code to settle. In the future, it will soon be upgraded to a settlement system for image recognition to improve the efficiency of shopping settlement.

In the store, snacks, beverages, and daily necessities are available. The store is also optimized from the convenience store, and the store is also expanded from a general convenience store to a supermarket. Since the opening of the store, there have been many military personnel coming to experience, which is very convenient. The Box of Fruits departs from the consumers themselves in every detail, so that the soldiers who train hard and protect the safety of the country and the people are more worry-free and more assured when they consume.

In addition to higher safety, the 24-hour uninterrupted service of Bingo Box can supplement the water source and food for the soldiers who work hard in the morning and evening to protect their physical strength. In order to protect the quality and service of the goods, the stores in the army are still operated independently by the Bingo box. The goods are replenished daily. The staff can check the inventory situation in real time through the mobile APP, which greatly improves the logistics support energy efficiency and maximizes the protection for the military. jobs.

In addition, most of the past military stores are outdoor or outdoor, and the price and service are uneven. There is no clerk in the bingo box, the shopping process is simpler, and the time of the military is saved. As a result of strategic cooperation with many well-known brands such as Pepsi (China) and Mengniu, Bingo Box is also more competitive in price.

According to the staff of Bingo Box, in the future, Bingo will explore more scenes like the military, so that this efficient retail service can cover more people, make full use of their own experience, and take advantage of unmanned retail to create more society. 


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