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RFID technology greatly improves school asset management

RFID technology greatly improves school asset management

The school’s fixed assets are large in number, diversified in types, and scattered in departmental use, such as office supplies, teaching equipment, laboratory equipment, books and documents, computer room computers, and other fixed assets are difficult to control. RFID technology is used for the automatic collection of fixed assets, and the collected data is sent to the server backstage last time to realize the process, information, and efficient scientific implementation of the school's fixed assets management. RFID technology has greatly improved the school's asset management level, maintaining good account inconsistency, idle waste, and asset loss. RFID technology has greatly improved the school's asset management level.

How does RFID radio frequency technology efficiently manage school fixed assets? By attaching a dedicated RFID electronic tag to the fixed assets that need to be managed, this RFID electronic tag is like an ID card information for items, which can be written Import and read asset information, such as asset description, asset manager, asset user, asset name and other information.

The advantages of RFID radio frequency technology in school fixed asset management:

1. Assets can be located: RFID positioning radio frequency technology can be used to achieve indoor positioning of school fixed assets, which greatly facilitates asset search.

2. It can still be read without the network: Because the RFID electronic tag has a data storage function, the school's asset information can be stored on the tag, and the RFID reader can read the data at any time without being affected by the network.

3. Prevent assets from being replaced: For important school assets and leased assets, use fragile transfer-proof RFID electronic tags for management to prevent assets from being replaced.

4. Batch inventory: Due to the long reading distance of RFID, it can be read in groups, which can realize the batch inventory of fixed assets. In the inventory, the handheld data collection terminal and the fixed data collection terminal, combined with the background RFID asset management system, can complete the daily management and inventory of assets, thereby efficiently realizing the full tracking of the physical life cycle and use status of the asset. Improve the use efficiency of assets and realize the information management of assets.

5. Anti-transfer and anti-loss of important assets: Use rfid radio frequency technology to install RFID electronic tags for school fixed assets, install RFID identification equipment at the entrance and exit and inside the school, and combine with the real-time monitoring platform of the RFID asset management system to achieve comprehensive asset availability. Real-time updates of visual and information, real-time monitoring of asset usage and flow, such as real-time query of equipment location, equipment movement tracking records, and equipment leaving the corresponding area alarm.

The functional modules of the school's RFID fixed asset management system include: daily management of fixed assets, fixed asset inventory management, fixed asset maintenance, comprehensive asset query and statistics, report statistics and analysis printing, barcode label printing, multi-user and multi-department management. The RFID fixed asset management system can perform real-time positioning monitoring according to the specific conditions of the asset. By installing RFID reader antennas in each room warehouse, a wireless network can be implemented to cover all fixed assets, thereby realizing real-time positioning and monitoring of all fixed assets affixed with RFID electronic tags.

The fixed asset management and control system collects all aspects of the school's asset management process, including storage and withdrawal, asset transfer, and inventory. School RFID fixed assets integrate fixed asset management, low-quality consumables management, and equipment management. Each controlled asset is bound with identity information through RFID electronic tags, and the entire life cycle of asset purchase to use is controlled. Solve the problem of asset management, realize the sharing of information resources, and give full play to the value of use.



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