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Company History

    2006.09 - Innov founded Xiamen International Student Pioneer Park

    2007.05 - Innov flexible circuit board put into production in Xiang'an Torch Park

    2008.02 - Innov established Electronic Materials Division and Power Division

    2009.10 - Innov became the third largest manufacturer of resistive touch screen flexible circuit boards in China

    2010.09 - Innov completed the reform of the shareholding system and established a joint-stock enterprise


    2011.03 - Innov established the RFID division

    2011.06 - Innov won the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”

    2011.09 - Innov was the firstly to developed R2000 reader modules and readers based on R2000

    2011.11 - Innov received the title of “Xiamen City Independent Innovation Pilot Enterprise”


    2012.03 INNOV first roll-to-roll exposure process to manufacture precision aluminum etched antennas

    2012.04 Mr. Li Jinhua, the founder of Innov, was selected as “High-level Introducing Innovation and Entrepreneur Talents in Fujian Province”

    2012.05 - INNOV initiated world's first RFID high-frequency fragile anti-transfer electronic label

    2012.10 - INNOV wholly-owned subsidiary “Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co., Ltd.” was formally established.

    2012.12 The first domestic RFID-based high-frequency reader based on mobile phone audio port was born.


    2013.03 Innov's first RFID inverted packaging production line officially put into operation

    2013.04 - Innov was named “2013 China RFID Industry Annual New Enterprise”

    2013.08 - The first domestic mobile phone audio port RFID UHF reader was born.


    2014.04 Innov became the first batch of listed companies in the national new third board expansion (430525)


    2015.04 - Innov and Brazil VBL, SiTerra, CISC, IRIS reached a global strategic alliance

    2015.06 Innov and Southern University of Science and Technology jointly established the "Joint Laboratory of Internet of Everything and Intelligent Systems"

    2015.08 - Innov Information Technology officially released "detectable detachable and fragile NFC electronic tags"

    2015.08 - Innov Information Technology won the “2014 China RFID Industry's Most Influential Electronic Label Enterprise of the Year”

    2015.08 Independent research and development of automotive headlamp anti-transfer electronic label won the "2014 most influential innovative product"

    2015.11 - Innov Information Technology was selected as “Xiamen City Innovation Pilot Enterprise”


    2016.01 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" obtained the US invention patent authorization

    2016.02 - “A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function” was granted the Chinese invention patent

    2016.03 - Detectable detachable and fragile NFC electronic label was selected as “2015 IOT Star RFID Innovation Product Award”

    2016.05 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" was authorized by Japanese invention patent

    2016.06 - Innov RFID Fragile Electronic Label Project won the "Egret Award" for the most investment value of "IoT China"

    2016.07 "A fragile anti-counterfeit RFID etched electronic label and its manufacturing process" was authorized by the Chinese invention patent

    2016.07 Innov Information Technology was officially selected as “Fujian Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprise Development and Development Library”

    2016.08 - Innov Information and Strategic Cooperation with the National Commodity Traceability Information Inspection Platform

    2016.11 - Innov Information was successfully selected as “Xiamen Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise”


    2017.03 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" won the second prize of the 2016 Xiamen Patent Award.

    2017.04 - Innov Information won the 2016 "Iolian Star" RFID Electronic Label Enterprise Award and RFID Innovation Product Award

    2017.06 Innov Information was awarded “Xiamen City Specialized Special Small and Micro Enterprise”

    2017.08 - Innolux established “Xiamen Electronic Label Engineering Technology Research Center” and was officially listed after being recognized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

    2017.09 RFID Fragile Electronic Label Project won the “Top Ten in China's Most Influential Internet of Things Project in China”

    2017.09 RFID Fragile Anti-Transfer Electronic Label was selected as “2017 Fujian Excellent Internet of Things Innovation Product Award”

    2017.09 Innov and US GSE, Beijing Hanergy reached a strategic cooperation intention in the direction of new energy

    2017.10 Innov was awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise” in Xiamen

    2017.12 - Innov was selected as “Top Ten Leading Enterprises in the Internet of Things Industry in Xiamen”

    2017.12 Innov Dessert jointly released the industry's first anti-liquid UHF electronic label

    2017.12 - Innov Information was identified as a “specialized and special” SME in Fujian Province

    2017.12 - Innov Information was recognized as “Innovative Enterprise in Xiamen in 2017”;


    2018.01 - Innov enters strategic partnership with VeChain Technology, a global leader in blockchain

    2018.02 - Innov starting a strategic partnership in the field of ETC with Intetra in Turkey to make deals for Turkey traffic


    2019.01 - Innov move to a new office(Xminnov IOT Industrial Park, No.943, Tonglong ErLu, Tong'an District, Xiamen, PRC 361100)

    2019.02 - Innoor two products selected as "2018 IoT Star" Most Influential Innovation Product Award

    2019.03 Innoor successfully passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 international certification

    2019.03 - Innoor again won the "Most Influential Innovation Product Award"

    2019.04 - Xiamen Innoor Information Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled a variety of new RFID tags, portable readers wonderfully appeared in RFID JOURNAL LIVE! Booth number: 815

    2019.05 - Innoell's RFID tag products for vehicles have been awarded a US invention patent

    2019.07 - Innoor at the IoT Expo 2019 with new products (Booth No .: C4A03)

    2019.10 - XMINNOV participates in RFID & Wireless IOT Tomorrow 2019

    2019.11 - XMINNOV Hosts RFID Innovation Tribe Offline Theme Salon (2019 Guangzhou Station)

    2019.12 - Innoor was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Enterprise for the 25th Anniversary of the Construction of the Pioneer Park for Chinese Overseas Students"


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