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Anti-counterfeiting Solution for Traceability and Identification with NFC Tags and NFC Phones

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  • Anti-counterfeiting Solution for Traceability and Identification with NFC Tags and NFC Phones
Anti-counterfeiting Solution for Traceability and Identification with NFC Tags and NFC Phones

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  • Protect your brand, your products and your customers with RFID technology;

  • RFID as a fast identification technology for anti-counterfeiting and traceability;

  • Facilitate in-plant data management and optimize internal production;

  • Lay the foundation for tracking management and marketing of future channels;

  • As a pilot for RFID applications, HF and UHF technologies are gradually introduced into enterprises to improve overall cognitive and management efficiency

How to protect brand For Wine Market


  • The proliferation of counterfeit goods has become a major evil in China's economic life. There are many types of counterfeit goods, ranging from daily necessities to production materials, from general merchandise to high-end consumer goods, from ordinary commodities to high-tech products, from domestic products to foreign trade exports. Counterfeit and shoddy are almost omnipresent and omnipresent. Among them, the problem of counterfeit cigarettes, famous wines and medicines that are easy to make, profitable, and fast-selling is the most serious, and the counterfeit and shoddy goods have a tendency to develop toward large commodities and high-tech products.

  • High-end brand products have a large sales volume overseas, but when they are sold to some areas, they find that high imitation products are everywhere, not only disturbing the channels, but also customers holding fakes to request maintenance, and channel dealers have great opinions. Many electronic devices have metal , so the labels are required to be metal-resistant and tear-proof, and cannot be easily dropped by people.

  • The incident of counterfeiting corporate brands seriously damages the reputation of corporate brands and reduces the trust of customers in the brand.

  • Forgery leads to damage to brand reputation

  • Product authentication and value added services

  • Cosmetic packaging one time seal, Security brands protection

  • Value-added anti-counterfeiting solutions perfectly reduce the risk of sales losses due to the fake products in the market and protect the interests of merchants.

  • Reliable way of anti-counterfeiting by making RFID tags fragile and non-transferable, together with tamper proof/tamper detection functions, which makes the product impossible to be copied by non-original manufacturer.


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